Village Beaches 



There are kilometres of beaches to choose from, stretching from Agios Stefanos to the beaches right at the end of the harbour. The beaches run parallel with the road which runs the full length of Agios Stefanos, Kambos and Kamari.
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The beaches vary from fine sand to coarse sand and shale but one thing they all have in common is the wonderfully clear sea where you can see every pebble on the sea bed. It is great for snorkelling!
There is also not the problem with seaweed that can occur from time to time on other parts of the island.
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There are water sports stations on the beach which tend to indulge in the quieter activities like pedallos and wind surfing. The bay is invariably windy and so is particulary well suited for the latter.
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Tavernas and cafes front onto the beach more or less from one end to the other so you are only ever a short stroll from food, drink and ice cream.
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The beach narrows as it heads into Kamari Bay but there are still sunbeds and umbrellas to be found on parts of it until it widens out again at both sides of the harbour.
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Wherever you might be staying in the Kefalos area, you shouldn't find your self too far away from the sea and a sun bed!
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