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The harbour of Kefalos, at the end of Kamari Bay, is overlooked by the slopes of the  mountain of Zini.
It is a beautiful small working harbour and the best natural harbour on the island. After the earthquake of 400BC when Kos town became the capital, Kefalos harbour was used largely by local fishermen, as it was no longer the centre of commerce for the island.
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The harbour is approached from the end of Kamari Bay and is flanked by 2 small beaches of coarse sand and shale. Tavernas and cafes look out across it and the 'Faros' Taverna sits right underneath the mountain on the small beach.  There are stops for the mini train and the local bus close by too.
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Numerous small fishing boats moor here as there are still local fishermen who are out every day - weather permitting. One of the strange things is that they catch varieties of fish which are different from those caught in Kos and even Mastihari.
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As you would expect, a surprising amount of activity goes on here with fishermen mending their nets and plenty of yachts and sailing boats visiting.
From here you can sail to other beaches and parts of the island. You can even hire a small motor boat and sail into the distance!


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The water is unbelievably clear and taking some bread to the end of the harbour and feeding the fish is great entertainment as there are so many of them.  It is also a good place for line fishing.

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As the walk from Kambos to Kamari Bay is flat the harbour is easily accessible, with plenty of stopping off spots on the way.


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If you are just visiting for the day it is worth enjoying time here to see something that is still so local and untouched by tourism.
Kefalos harbour also hosts a fishing festival in late September where ouzo and fish are served. Later that evening there is music and traditional Greek dancing  for your entertainment.


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