Agios Stefanos




The early Christian Basilica of Agios Stefanos is situated right on the coast, on the left, near the bottom of the hill as you come into the Kefalos area.
Look out for the old Club Med Hotel and the road down to it is just alongside the hotel entrance.
0001Agios Stefanos Kefalos Uncovered Kos   0001Agios Stefanos 1Kefalos Uncovered Kos
The basilicas are built on a small promontory with the ruins of the buildings literally melting into the rocks that they were built on. It looks across to the island of Kastri and the beach of Agios Stefanos.
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There are actually 2 basilicas which were built between the 4th and 5th centuries AD and were destroyed by earthquakes later. The site was rediscovered by an Italian archaeologist in 1932.
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The floor plan of the original basilicas is plain to see and there are some beautiful mosaics on display.
Wherever you are staying on the island it something worth looking out for and visiting.
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