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The beaches on the south west coast of the island as you head towards Kefalos need mention of their own - deservedly so as they are superb.
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There are beaches to suit every taste The best known being Paradise beach which offers water sports, music, fun and games. 
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However, there are also many beaches where you can enjoy perfectly fine sand and crystal clear water - the very hackneyed phrase but the one that fits - a few sunbeds and umbrellas for hire and absolute peace.
Magic; Polemi; Sunny; Markos; Lagada; Camel and Agios Stefanos are all beaches which you may like to visit.
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Many of these beaches are run by local people. They take great pride in their stretch of beach and offer showering, toilet facilities and traditional Greek hospitality. One of the things that makes people hire a car and spend their days on the beaches on this part of the island; finding new friends in the process.
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All the beaches on this coastline are approached by the steep roads on the left as you are heading towards Kefalos, most of which are now asphalted.
There is no problem with seaweed at this side of the island either and often when it is windy elsewhere you can still find a sheltered spot.
There are quite a number of tavernas too, so you don't need to carry all your refreshments for the day.
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However you decide to get there, you will be glad that you did - enjoy!
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