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Kefalos Uncovered is one of the websites that make up the group of 'Uncovered' sites that visit the villages of Kefalos, Kardamena and Mastihari on the Greek island of Kos. The 3 villages that are locally know as the 'trigona'or triangle.
Kos is one of the southern most islands in the Dodecanese group. It offers a wealth of choice for ways that you can enjoy your holiday. From doing absolutely nothing to getting out and about and exploring Kos and other islands that are close by.
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The aim of Kefalos Uncovered is to give you as much accurate information about the area, so that your holiday choice is as informed as possible.
Within Kefalos Uncovered there are links to Mastihari, Kardamena and Kos Uncovered. These sites will give you access to lots of local information describing this south west part of the island  - and to local interest stories about what life is like here.


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Kefalos is situated at the tip of the island, about 40 kms away from Kos town and 22 kms from the airport. It is ideal for a quiet holiday when you really want to relax. 
There are long stretches of beaches which vary from shale to fine sand, and the most amazing sea for swimming.
Here you will find a mix of traditional Greek and International eating places, cafes and bars lining the long straight road, beach and harbour.
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In the old village of Kefalos itself there is a wonderful small village square and traditional cafenios and houses.
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Accommodations that are bookable through Kefalos Uncovered are small, family run units where you will be offered a warm, hospitable welcome.
If you do choose to book your holiday through Kefalos Uncovered, you can be assured of exceptional service. We aim to be fast and efficent in taking your booking but then we go further - and at no extra cost to prices you will find for the same accommodations in other sites.
Unlike an on-line automated booking service we deal with every booking on a personal basis. This means we can answer all your questions and provide you with the information that you need from the minute you arrive at Kos airport.
You will also have our island contact numbers in the event that you may need any assistance while you are here. Daphne, our local person on the spot, has lived here for many years and is Greek speaking.
Especially for the first time independent traveller, we offer that little bit of support that means you are not totally alone in a foreign country!

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For more information on the Kefalos area keep turning the pages!!
For information on other villages and the island and area in general - is a small overview site for all the sites. takes you to the original Uncovered site where you will find lots of local interest features and a news page with daily weather report. takes you to the Kardamena site.
All the sites are continual works in progress with constant updates and changes, so keep dipping in!